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Lawmakers to Resubmit Russia’s Crypto Mining Bill, Introduce Liability for ‘Gray’ Miners

The draft law legalizing cryptocurrency mining will be resubmitted to Russian parliament which will postpone its adoption, one of its sponsors announced. Members of the lower house are also working on a separate bill that will introduce liability for those who mint digital coins illegally. Adoption of Russian Crypto Mining Legislation Postponed Again A bill […]

Russian Parliament Postpones Adoption of Crypto Mining Bill

Russian lawmakers will consider a draft law on cryptocurrency mining in 2023 despite earlier indications they were going to vote on the proposal in December. The bill is expected to set the rules for the extraction and sale of cryptocurrency in Russia amid sanctions limiting the country’s access to global finances and markets. Russia’s New […]

Bank of Russia to Test International Crypto Payments With Companies

The Central Bank of Russia plans to use cryptocurrency for cross-border payments in trials with private companies, a member of its top management has revealed. The testing will be conducted under a special legal regime that’s currently under development. Russia’s Central Bank to Explore Crypto Settlements Amid Financial Sanctions The Central Bank of the Russian […]

Bank of Russia Backs Crypto Mining Bill But Insists Minted Coins Should Be Exported

The monetary authority in Moscow has expressed support for the latest legislative attempt to legalize cryptocurrency mining. However, the regulator wants the extracted digital currency to be sold outside the country or only under special legal regimes in Russia, as an exception. Russia’s Central Bank Suggests Restrictions Be Added to Proposed Crypto Mining Law The […]

Amendments to Russia’s Digital Asset Law Aim to Allow Mining, Ban Crypto Exchange and Ads

Russian lawmakers have proposed changes to the current law “On Digital Financial Assets” in order to regulate crypto mining while banning the circulation of cryptocurrencies in the country. The legislation also prohibits the non-targeted advertising of crypto-related products and services. New Attempt to Legalize Cryptocurrency Mining in Russia After months of deliberations, efforts continue in […]

Russia Plans to Allow Mining of Any Cryptocurrency, Lawmaker Unveils

Newly proposed legislation aims to permit the minting of any cryptocurrency in Russia, a prominent lawmaker has revealed. While the draft law states that the circulation of the minted coins should take place outside Russian jurisdiction, an upcoming bill provides for their use under “experimental regimes.” Parliament Prepares to Legalize the Mining of Cryptocurrencies in […]

Draft Law Seeks to Oblige Kazakhstan’s Crypto Miners to Exchange Bulk of Income in Country

Cryptocurrency miners in Kazakhstan are to be required to convert up to three quarters of their income on locally registered exchanges, according to a new bill that’s advancing in the nation’s legislature. Lawmakers also want to make sure crypto companies pay their taxes and fees. Parliament of Kazakhstan Votes on Bill Regulating Activities of Crypto […]

Russian Companies Are Using Crypto in Trade Despite Lack of Regulation, Officials Admit

With limited access to global finances, Russian businesses have begun settling in cryptocurrency with their partners abroad. Although these are still small-scale payments, government officials have noted their increase, which comes even before authorities have decided how to regulate these transactions. Cross-Border Crypto Settlements on the Rise in Russia as US Dollar and Euro Payments […]

Latest EU Sanctions Expected to Stimulate Russia’s Own Crypto Market, Exchanges Maintain Services

The new crypto sanctions imposed by the European Union are likely to spur the development of the country’s digital asset market, according to a Russian lawmaker. Anatoly Aksakov, who chairs the parliamentary Financial Market Committee, believes Russians will manage to bypass the restrictions. Meanwhile, major exchanges have reportedly informed Russian users that trading continues. Russians […]

Russia Said to Allow Crypto Mining in Regions With Hydroelectric and Nuclear Power

Cryptocurrency mining should be allowed in areas with excess energy and prohibited in those that experience deficits, according to Russian officials preparing to legalize it. An expert from the crypto industry has recently marked the regions where Moscow is likely to authorize mining and the ones where it will probably ban the extraction of digital […]

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